Muselet OL, Wirehoods for sparkling wine

We are a company specialized in the production and customization of wirehoods for sparkling wine. A wire, great emotions.


Muselet OL was born from an industrial and technical merging in the food and beverage field on 13th March 2014. We have specialized in the
production of wirehoods with “wide eyes”. Our mission is creating an industrial sealing that is unique and exclusive in the world.


Wirehood litography is the printing method that can give a touch of elegance and distinction to your bottles of fine wine, beer and mead. With Muselet
OL, you can choose among several printing types for wirehoods.

We combine hand-crafted quality and all-around industrial production

We use innovative materials and our industrial process focusses on the product from the beginning to the packaging step.

Wirehoods with “wide eyes” are our pride and they are used to seal high-quality sparkling wine and champagne.

Discover our wide range of services and customization solutions for wirehoods.