Lithography for your wirehoods

Wirehood litography is the printing method that can give a touch of elegance and distinction to your bottles of fine wine, beer and mead.

Muselet OL offers a wirehood litography service that consists of three categories:

  • Offset printing for big series
  • Digital printing for small series
  • Tampography for less than a box

How can you customize your wirehoods?

Choose colour and type of wire: we offer a wide range of colours. In addition to this, you can also require new ones according to the packaging of your product and to your taste.

Using offset and digital printing, we can print on white enamel or directly on metal. As a finishing touch, we use a protective paint for a shiny effect or a matt one.

If you prefer, we can imprint the direction of the wirehood using offset printing.

We also offer a punching service for the created disc.

When you choose the kind of customization that suits your product, you can contact us to receive a free quotation: thanks to the technical support of
our staff, we will be able to discuss together the graphical information you give us along with the printing features.

Our graphic designers will send you a first lithographic draft which can possibly be modified in a second step.

Rely on Muselet OL and on its graphic solutions!